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Mentorship Program with Tollchester Kennels

Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Tollchester is offering a mentorship program to people who would like one on one training in grooming, conformation handling and whelping.


This program is dedicated to people looking at helping us in the preservation of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We are looking for people excited about helping expand the genepool in tollers by learning more about health and genetics. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to work with their breeder on producing healthy all round tollers.


The program deducts $500 off the purchase price from your toller and offers even more in rebates towards genetic testing, health testing and clearances.


To qualify for the program you MUST


  1. Email or phone expressing interest in a breeding/show mentorship program
  2. Complete the online questionnaire and interview to be accepted into our mentorship program
  3. Wait for a minimum of 2 months for your puppy – keeping in contact with the breeder regularly during this time
  4. Attend a minimum of 2 weekends of dog shows or 3 handling classes with the breeder prior to picking up your puppy
  5. Spend at minimum of 1 week with a toller prior to picking up your puppy
  6. Agree to a breeding contract with the seller – copy of the contract can be requested prior to picking up your puppy

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